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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just Dance

     Ryan and I went to a Sunday School fellowship party last night at the pastor's house. It was said that the parties at the pastor's house are always fun, so we decided to be good sports and go. There was a Wii set up and ping pong and some other stuff and I was wrangled in to play "Just Dance" on the Wii. I danced against Jill and had a seriously fun time. I love that game! I beat everyone I play, no joke. I asked Ryan if we could buy it and he said okay. 

     Ryan is currently working on putting new speakers in my car, because my driver's side speaker went out almost two years ago and he bought me speakers for Christmas in 2009 and since we've lived not in the same city he never had access to my car long enough to install them. The plan is to paint the covers turquoise. I think it will be fun. Today we bought some materials for the installation process and bought the game! We also bought another Wii remote, it's pink!

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Amanda said...

I beat everyone I play, so it looks like we have a challenge when i get there! That game is super fun! I really want to play it on the kinect too. I bet its awesome! You look adorable. :) pink remotes are stupid. i want a green one.