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Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's been a week

Since my last post which was Coco's awful seizure day. He is well, perfectly normal. Thank the Lord. Since that day we've calmed down and pulled ourselves together and left Coco at home a few times. 

Valentine's Activities
Friday: We saw "Just Go With It". Hysterical. Jennifer Aniston was charming and Adam Sandler was hilarious so the movie was a hit. Two thumbs up.

Sunday: We went to HEB to pick up the ingredients for our dinner. And since we were so close we went to TuttiFrutti!! 
A blue gummy bear! YUM.

Valentine's Day: We made buffalo burgers with bean and curly fries. MM delish!
Dinner with some of my "fillers", as Ryan calls them, in the background.

The husband grilling in the dark

We made them into hearts.

Ryan got me some candies and flowers with a cute stuffed dog I named Buster and a really beautiful diamond bracelet that I have yet to take a picture of. Sorry.

I got Ryan a clear silicon cover for his Zune, because I wanted the artwork I had customized on the back to show through. I also bought him the last, but technically first, three Star Wars movies. I really dislike Star Wars and always tell Ryan that I will never watch it, however I made him a card

The card says that I will watch each Star Wars movie with Ryan ONE time. I'm the sweetest I know. 
I wrapped his gifts in this colorful tissue paper and glued some pieces in the shape of hearts. They didn't turn out well in pictures, but in reality they are super cute.
The card Ryan got me. I'm his wife!


Emily P. said...

your hair is super cute!

Ashley Raven said...

I agree! Super SUPER cute!