{The Father of mercies and God of all comfort}

Monday, February 28, 2011


That means Paid in Full. I have seen this statement on my student loan account websites. Now, it's not really true, but kind of. I received this letter in the mail from one of my lenders:

 Yay! Except the loans were just consolidated with other lenders to a company that charges me a lower monthly rate. Even though the statement is only half-true it's still really good to hear!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just Dance

     Ryan and I went to a Sunday School fellowship party last night at the pastor's house. It was said that the parties at the pastor's house are always fun, so we decided to be good sports and go. There was a Wii set up and ping pong and some other stuff and I was wrangled in to play "Just Dance" on the Wii. I danced against Jill and had a seriously fun time. I love that game! I beat everyone I play, no joke. I asked Ryan if we could buy it and he said okay. 

     Ryan is currently working on putting new speakers in my car, because my driver's side speaker went out almost two years ago and he bought me speakers for Christmas in 2009 and since we've lived not in the same city he never had access to my car long enough to install them. The plan is to paint the covers turquoise. I think it will be fun. Today we bought some materials for the installation process and bought the game! We also bought another Wii remote, it's pink!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Television

     The only day I officially watch television on purpose is on Thursdays for Grey's Anatomy of course. As of late I've been watching American Idol, so now I watch television on Wednesday too. I started watching it during the San Francisco auditions and for some reason I just can't stop. Ryan's been watching it with me which is pretty funny, because he only ever watches the History channel, the Military channel or the Discovery channel. On Thursday when Grey's comes on I stop watching American Idol and switch over to Grey's, because I love it so much more and I miss the last hour of the singing on Thursdays. I'm okay with that.
     It just so happens that I'm also a huge fan of Old Navy. Let me say that my entire outfit today(shirt, shoes, and pants) was from Old Navy. They're pants and jeans are basically the only brand that fit me the way I like them and they're tops are usually on sale and I find my cutest flats there, also on sale. So, this week I'm watching my usual television shows and two commercials for Old Navy have come on and I LOVE them. They are hysterical. Check them out if you haven't seen them.
This one is super c-u-t-e of course, it really cracks me up, but...
this one is even funnier!! LOVE
I like it when the guy says "it's time to show those ankles please" hilarious. 

I am a fan of Thursday night television :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

I really love the movie Transformers with Shia LeBeouf. As kids Ryan and I both watched the cartoon Transformers and once we youtubed every cartoon episode, they're like 15 minutes each. 
Bee is definitely my favorite!
Anyway, I'm driving down I-10 last week about to catch the 59 interchange and I pass this crazy looking truck that said "Vactor" on the side. I think to myself "this would make one awesome autobot!" Seriously these trucks, I found a site full of different ones, would make killer Transformer autobots! I love it. Also, the names of the trucks on the site are pretty great. For example the HXX Prodigy and the Jetter. "Roll Out!"
Now imagine its transformed version standing tall next to it eh?
Look at all the possibilities for firearms!
"At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall!" - Optimus Prime

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's been a week

Since my last post which was Coco's awful seizure day. He is well, perfectly normal. Thank the Lord. Since that day we've calmed down and pulled ourselves together and left Coco at home a few times. 

Valentine's Activities
Friday: We saw "Just Go With It". Hysterical. Jennifer Aniston was charming and Adam Sandler was hilarious so the movie was a hit. Two thumbs up.

Sunday: We went to HEB to pick up the ingredients for our dinner. And since we were so close we went to TuttiFrutti!! 
A blue gummy bear! YUM.

Valentine's Day: We made buffalo burgers with bean and curly fries. MM delish!
Dinner with some of my "fillers", as Ryan calls them, in the background.

The husband grilling in the dark

We made them into hearts.

Ryan got me some candies and flowers with a cute stuffed dog I named Buster and a really beautiful diamond bracelet that I have yet to take a picture of. Sorry.

I got Ryan a clear silicon cover for his Zune, because I wanted the artwork I had customized on the back to show through. I also bought him the last, but technically first, three Star Wars movies. I really dislike Star Wars and always tell Ryan that I will never watch it, however I made him a card

The card says that I will watch each Star Wars movie with Ryan ONE time. I'm the sweetest I know. 
I wrapped his gifts in this colorful tissue paper and glued some pieces in the shape of hearts. They didn't turn out well in pictures, but in reality they are super cute.
The card Ryan got me. I'm his wife!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What a Day...Simply Too Much

     This morning I wake up early for work, take my shower, fix my hair, and finish putting on my makeup. I'm applying the last bit of mascara when I hear Coco under the covers scratching the sheets, like he always does. He did this for some time and woke Ryan up. He stopped scratching the sheets and started hyperventilating/choking/wheezing. It was almost normal except he wasn't moving, but laying there on the bed, not normal. I went over to the bed and Ryan sat up to look at Coco. He was still not moving and unresponsive. Finally, it seemed like an eternity, he jumped and tried to run off the bed, but fell between the mattress and foot board. Ryan though maybe he was too hot and said to take his jacket off, so I tried and coco tried to bite me, what!? I tried again and he did it again. I was completely freaked. Ryan moved him and he was just laying on his side with his arms and legs at weird angles in the air and his head at a weird angle. At this point he was becoming oriented again, but still weird. The hair on his back was standing up like when he gets mad and then he peed on himself, and the bed :( I thought for sure he was paralyzed he looked so scary. I started crying just thinking that he couldn't move and I'd have to bring him to the vet and have him put to sleep, because I can't care properly for a dog that can't move. After about two more minutes he moved his leg and then jumped up off the bed! What?! He was fine. He ate some food and was acting like Coco.
     When Ryan has questions about anything he doesn't know the answer to he googles it. He googled what happened to Coco and found some things that could have happened. Terrifying. After all of this we knew he needed to go to the doctor. I made an appointment for this afternoon. The doctor saw us and asked what happened. We told him the story and he basically told us Coco had a seizure. It's apparently common in dogs and about thirty dogs at our vet's office are on anti-seizure medication. He took some blood and they're running tests and will let us know tomorrow what they find. The doctor told us seizures can be caused from kidney problems or liver problems, but Coco is a very healthy dog and we don't think he has those problems. We were also told that he may always have seizures frequently from now on, or he may never have one again. I'm going to go with never again please!
It was way too much emotional stress first thing in the morning, not to mention terrifying. I love my Coco bear and would be very upset if I lost him when I've only had him 2 & 1/2 years. I'm pretty sure if I ever saw a human seizure I would have a heart attack or something akin, maybe my old anxiety palpitations, but it would not be good. I am exhausted.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Love the Change

I added a tab to the top of the blog. An inspiration from a conference I attended for ECMC at work.

I got my haircut again yesterday. I love getting my hair cut; it's refreshing. I think I'll be dying it again pretty soon since it's faded a lot.
Sorry my face is kind of creepy, I think I was talking. And yes that's a shotgun in the big black case.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


This time on a happy note. Good friends of ours are pregnant and they found out on Wednesday it's a baby girl! I guess that means Ryan and I will have the boys? I hope so! We went to Target today and bought a super cute onsie and a pair of pants, on super sale, for baby Philpot. We also got some pink balloons from HEB that said "It's a Girl!" and tied the onsie and pants to it and brought it over to them today. They are so cute.
Along with this little card I made.
I love the little elephant.