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Monday, January 17, 2011

Our Fat Pillows

     My parents bought us this nice memory foam Sealy mattress as a wedding gift (on top of the gift of the wedding!). It's great. We were just able to set it up in our tiny space in Ryan's parent's house. His parents bought us a bedroom set equipped with bed, two side tables, one tall dresser and one short vanity top dresser. Their nice (not my exact taste) but functional. All of the bedroom furniture except for the two dressers was being stored in the shed along with all of our other boxed-up junk. We pulled the bed out a couple of weeks ago, because we frankly want our space to feel like ours and the bed we were using is moving to Tara's new house and we would have been sleeping on the floor :(
     So, here we are with our new mattresses and bed set up. The first night Ryan and I slept on the bed we realized that our small, squishy Wal-Mart pillows would not cut it. The next day we hit up the only store in Crosby that sells a variety of pillows, none other than Wal-Mart. You may be thinking here we go again for tiny, uncomfortable pillows, but we found some nice BeautyRest pillows. We knew we needed something pretty firm and hefty. These are queen sized pillows, extra firm, egyptian cotton. Really great! I had a really hard time squeezing them into the queen size pillowcases that came with our sheet set.
Notice how they are bursting out of the side of the pillowcases!
The bed view from the foot. It is a sleigh bed and has the same foot-board as headboard. Note: the pictures were hung on existing nails, not planned or orderly. Kind of drives me crazy.

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