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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Shopping

     Ryan and I don't have a lot of money right now with trying to save for moving and paying off student loans (ugh!), so we could only spend $20 on family. My extended family is not big about giving and getting gifts we usually do a gift exchange based on gender. So, if you're a female you bring a female gift and the same thing for the men. Then we choose numbers and choose a gift. As the game is played the higher numbers get to "steal" a gift if they want it, but number one gets to choose the gift they want from anyone. It's fun and last year the dollar limit was $5, so the gifts were hysterical and practical; all across the board.

     We finished all of our Christmas shopping two days after Thanksgiving (no we did not participate in Black Friday sales)-- way too early for us. We got gifts that everyone wanted and wrapped them in pretty paper with turquoise glitter ribbon. I love wrapping gifts and making them pretty. Each gift has a different bow/ribbon design. I had fun and now we're done, except I have to buy Ryan's.

The gifts-- minus Tara's-- under a tree that's not mine.

Ryan and I at my parent's Thanksgiving with my first pie! Apple.  

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