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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Corner

 In lieu of Christmas decorating protest I decided to make a "Christmas corner" in the small room Ryan and I live in at his parent's house. I pinned up our Christmas cards from this year and the Christmas tree ornaments given to me by my classroom parents and others I work with. This is our Christmas corner with the gifts for Ryan and I from each other. Now don't let the boxes deceive you, the gifts are quite small.
For Ryan:
Zune HD (it came with a free A/C adapter)
Two fun colored thermal shirts
A new jacket for camping and for work
And new pajama pants

For me:
Really awesome fox fur earmuffs
A new bottle of J'Adore (!!)
A projector for movies etc (stoked about this one)
And a wireless printer/scanner/fax (LOVE)

I know in comparison Ryan's gifts from me seem pretty silly, but his Zune cost a lot and he spent the same amount of money on me that I spent on him; as per our agreement. He knows how to buy electronics at great prices. 

We celebrated Christmas early with my brother Justin and his girlfriend Amy and Austin and his girlfriend Kia at my parents'.
 Then we celebrated Christmas at Ryan's parent's in the morning and had Christmas dinner with my parents.

Our first Christmas

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Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas together. Movie projector! such a great gift. Have a happy new years. :)