{The Father of mercies and God of all comfort}

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Here is my completed list of Thanks:
  1. The Lord God: Without the Lord where is our thanks due?
  2. My husband: I am thankful for his hard work and undying affection for me. His unwillingness to make things bigger than they are; he balances my panic. The progress we make each day in communication and growing our love.
  3. My family: They have provided for me in all of my times of need. They are so willing to show me love and mercy even when I am undeserving.
  4. My church family: They are wonderful people of the Lord with amazing hearts of service, love, and devotion to one another. They are real, faithful and full of honest love.
  5. My wonderful friends: They are honest girls who love the Lord. They pray for me daily and listen when I complain. They have the sweetest souls and I miss them all.
  6. My job: I’m thankful for the setting in which I work {it’s a Methodist church}. I have the ability to serve the Lord as I do my job. My director thought I was “uniquely qualified” to be in the infant room: and to think that my babies were a part of my plan before I graduated college, before they were born! God is Amazing.
  7. Ryan’s job: I’m thankful Ryan found a job! I’m also thankful for the colorful people he works with; they have amazing life stories. I’m thankful that his job isn’t too stressful and will possibly have the opportunity to go back to school with ease.
  8. My Classroom: I’m thankful for working with infants {I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it or be good at it—I was wrong!} My co-teacher’s pure love, our helper’s wisdom and hysterical laughter and the girl who helps in the afternoon has a heart for people and we have so many commonalities: i.e. our love of zombie films.
  9. A new day: I’m thankful the Lord graces us with a new day to make things right and serve him.
  10. The journey God has brought me on so far. He’s brought growth and blessing after blessing up to this point in my life. I know he is about to make things different for us and I accept his commands and will follow him where we are supposed to go.

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