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Sunday, November 14, 2010


     At work we have "Family Groups" in which we get together on the last Monday every month and just sort of fellowship with one another. We share joys and concerns, anxieties or questions we have about something job related. It's a way for the teachers who don't get to see each other often throughout the day and year to get know each other. Our discussion for this month will be what we are thankful for. Now I pity myself often and scoff at the thought of thanks. That's incredibly silly considering the things God teaches me in the dark seasons and how he prospers us in the seasons of peace and joy. I am very thankful for the workings of the Lord in my life, but sometimes I have to concentrate very hard to remember God's promises. It's a character defect, that God has been working on in me for a while and will continue to work on for years to come if not the rest of my life I'm sure.
     Anyhow so, I'm making a list of ten things I'm thankful for to share with the group and I'm going to list them out as they come to me and put them in order in accordance to their importance as far as my relationship with the Lord is concerned. Example: I am thankful for family and I'm thankful for my job, but one would definitely go before the other, because I'm sure family is more important to the Lord than a job. I understand God cares about what I'm doing as far as a career goes, don't get me wrong, but as Christians I believe our relationships to one another are more important. This is also not to say that my relationships at work are not important, they are, and thus would have their own number for thanks.


     On a side note, Tara and I saw "Morning Glory" yesterday. Cute film with a great message. It's a movie I would like to own. Two thumbs up. Who doesn't love Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton, and Harrison Ford??

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