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Monday, May 3, 2010

Sweet Treats

The lingerie shower was on Saturday, good times! I got some, shall I say, fun stuff for the wedding. My friends are amazing and everything was really great. I still have two gifts coming in the mail! Can't wait. ;) We went to Elite Circle Grille for dinner and then to Amber and Jessica's apartment for the rest of the festivities. The name of the party was "Cecilly's Sweet Treats", and everything was pink and orange.

They made me wear a tiara and a garter
Amber and Jessica made me a card with my gift and photoshopped my face onto Victoria's Secret models. Hilarious.
We played a game in which I had to guess what Ryan's answers were to 10 questions and put on a piece of lingerie if I got it wrong and I did horribly! I only got 50% correct. But I knew the most important questions.
The awesome favors!
It was a great party and a fun tid-bit: Ryan's sisters bought me the most scandalous item, so far. . .

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