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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Post

This week was definitely not as bad as I imagined it would be. I have some allergy issues which has given me a sinus infection, I think. My mucus is not a normal color :) sorry for that. But I feel okay, I don't feel sick and I've finished all my assignments for the week and have found time to blog. I will take you through my week, no photos just words.

on my way to work every morning I see a guy walking to work. He's always dressed in nice slacks and a button down carrying a briefcase bag and a travel mug, so I assume he's walking to work from his fancy loft in downtown Waco. This Monday morning I drove by him, a little late for work, and I saw him praying with a homeless man. It touched my heart so and I still have a very vivid mental image of the act, but wish I would have had my camera for that one. It was absolutely beautiful.
at work today the lady who gives us breaks also does gardening outside and the kids help her. She gathers the leaves and puts them in buckets for the kids who then bring the leaves to the trash can. She tells them there is a hippo in the trash can who loves dry leaves. Today the kids wanted to wear gloves like her and one of my three's took the glove off and threw it on the ground. I said Corbin pick that up and throw it away friend and he replied, "but the hippo will eat it." Completely serious and sooo funny! I love three year olds.
We had a guest speaker in my advocacy class who works fro the BGCT and was telling us some facts about human trafficking. The most trafficking in the WORLD occurs in Texas! Mainly in Houston and El Paso. In the world. She told us some wild stories.

this morning I had to work in the two's room to cover for the assistant teacher who would be late. I was in there basically until I clocked out. I saw my three's on the playground and they all ran to me to give hugs and ask why I wasn't with them today. A girl in three's, Maddy, asked me while we were outside how my dog was doing, because Coco got sick on Sunday night, throwing up. It was the sweetest thing that she remembered. Three's are so great!
a thought for the day: I'm tired of people using alcohol as an excuse. It's not an excuse, it's a problem friends.

God has really been working on my heart lately and he's been using Christian radio. I don't listen to any other music besides Christian radio in the car, it speaks to my soul. There are a lot of good songs out right now too a few faves: Leeland "follow you", Mikeschair "let the waters rise", Lincoln Brewster "power of your name", J.J. Heller "your hands", Casting Crowns "until the whole world hears", Mercy Me "all of creation", Phil Whickham "safe", Need to Breathe "something beautiful", Meridith Andrews "can anybody hear me". okay so that was a lot. anyway, God's been working on me hardcore, and I feel like something is about to happen, I know it is, and I can't wait!
thought: there is a quote; stir us Lord when we sail too close to the shore (not exact quote). I heard the new Casting Crowns song and they sing about shipwrecked faith and I immediately thought of this quote. If we sail too close to the shore we feel safer and more content, but God wants us to sail in his deep waters of faith so that we don't become shipwrecked being tossed around by the crashing waves that knock us against the rocks. It's not safe to sail close to the shore, so we say disturb us Lord when we sail too close to the shore.

what a day. I went to dinner with the roommate, Five Guys Burgers. It was good, not as satisfying as I'd hoped, but fun nonetheless.
I'm going camping with Ryan's homegroup tomorrow at Surfside, pray for no rain!

It feels so good to have all my work done.

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Anonymous said...

I really like that shore Vs. deep water metaphor. I think it is so true to our faith and where God is calling us vs. where we sometimes wish to be. Great post.