{The Father of mercies and God of all comfort}

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Screeching Halt

I probably will not be blogging this week, because of all of the assignments I've completely forgotten about. I have a paper due on Wednesday and a test, and a presentation on Friday. I'm pretty sure that's all, however, my planner says I have a French quiz on Thursday and an in class composition for French on Tuesday the syllabus is off so I don't know for sure. I took my car in for a recall fix a couple of weeks ago and now I have to bring it in for another recall for the power steering, the first one could make the car catch fire while driving so I took care of that one pronto, but this one will have to wait until next week. I have to get invitations made, going to CropPaperScissors in Waco tomorrow. I have to interview someone at WIC for my advocacy class on Tuesday and read a ton of Faulkner. I love Faulkner, but I like to read leisurely and I have to pretty much speed read for American Lit. it's tough. I can't think my brain is overwhelmed and my heart is aching. God is good and the drive home today from my mom's birthday party was great (party a blog post all its own at a later date), but I'm a little shaken and full of tears that won't stop streaming. I am in desperate need of prayer and others to praise God with me to emphasize his greatness and glory. I have so much to say, but have to get sleep, because I got zero this weekend and I have killer allergies, a swollen throat that makes it painful to swallow and I have to wake up at 6:00 a.m. as usual. This week will be hard, but I will blog as soon as I can and miss it all the while.

"There's a raging sea right in front of me it wants to pull me down draw me to my knees, so let the waters rise if you want them too, I will follow you."

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