{The Father of mercies and God of all comfort}

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I've been incredibly stressed out over everything lately: school, finding a job, the wedding and being married. All these things will be my life after school in less than three months. I graduate from Baylor in 26 days, unreal. I get married in 97 days, too far for me to actually believe it. I have some concerns about my life forthcoming. I do not have a job, and I have no idea where God wants me to look or where he wants me to work. I need a job with healthcare benefits, naturally. I'm not sure how all that's gonna work out, but I will trust in the Lord. This morning's sermon from our college minister at First Baptist Woodway, Michael Criner, spoke from 1 John 2 and 3. He spoke about God's love for us and us being his children, created for him. We have affirmation that we are his children and we are loved because we are born again of him and Jesus will come, because of this love. I've also been struggling with my roommate and trying to love all regardless of how I feel about them. It is hard to love her; just like that. God does not want me to have these feelings of hate for her or for anyone and I've been talking to him about it. I am broken and love is hard.
I'm working through all of these feelings and things God has placed before me and know that it will not be easy and I will hurt, but he is with me and he LOVES me enough to call me his child. Praise the Father!

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