{The Father of mercies and God of all comfort}

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Ryan and I had the worst argument of our lives last night. It sucked! Literally, I'm emotionally spent and my eyes have been swollen all day, because I cry intermittently throughout the hours. But I'm pulling myself together for this week that's coming up. I just feel like quitting, so I've been playing some mellow tunes to keep me grounded. Including Hillsong United "Hosanna" what a beautiful expression of worship to the King!

Ryan and I went to a wedding yesterday. It was very nice outside and the wedding was precious. They're two kids from Ryan's homegroup, the groom is a year older than we are and the bride the same as us. They haven't been together long, but more than a year. The ceremony was at a church and the reception was at a park in College Station. I left my camera at home :( so I'll upload some fun photos when someone posts them of FB.

Photos from Colbie Caillat at Dia:

We were exhausted and it was very drizzly.

I have to say, all in all, I'm not really a fan of Colbie. I only enjoy a few songs, namely three, and they're on the radio.

I hope this week is better than my weekend.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dia Del Oso

            It's that time:

"As spring approaches the Baylor campus once more, it is time to begin thinking about Baylor's annual holiday, Diadeloso. Each spring since 1934, students at Baylor have been given a day off from classes so that they can enjoy the outdoors with their friends and classmates at this annual event.
This year's event promises to be one of the most successful yet. Diadeloso is bringing an all day music festival to the Baylor campus. The festival will feature artists from the Uproar Records label as well as national and regional acts." 

Who doesn't love a day off for an event most of us don't even attend? I'm going this semester, because it's my last and I will buy one of the ugly shirts as proof. What a shame. This year the final artist to perform is Colbie Caillat.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Needs Advice


I have a bridesmaid who considers herself one of my best friends, and we live in the same city, however I was recently looking at some of her facebook pictures. Now I wasn't stalking, because we're good friends. So what I saw was pictures of her at her boyfriend's birthday dinner wearing the bridesmaid dress!!! I don't understand! I also don't know if I'm justified in being so upset about it? I don't want to lose her friendship for finding a new bridesmaid, but I paid for half of the dress to wear at my wedding! I'm too upset to think straight. Please help me; should I be this angry? Should I not find a new bridesmaid?

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I've been incredibly stressed out over everything lately: school, finding a job, the wedding and being married. All these things will be my life after school in less than three months. I graduate from Baylor in 26 days, unreal. I get married in 97 days, too far for me to actually believe it. I have some concerns about my life forthcoming. I do not have a job, and I have no idea where God wants me to look or where he wants me to work. I need a job with healthcare benefits, naturally. I'm not sure how all that's gonna work out, but I will trust in the Lord. This morning's sermon from our college minister at First Baptist Woodway, Michael Criner, spoke from 1 John 2 and 3. He spoke about God's love for us and us being his children, created for him. We have affirmation that we are his children and we are loved because we are born again of him and Jesus will come, because of this love. I've also been struggling with my roommate and trying to love all regardless of how I feel about them. It is hard to love her; just like that. God does not want me to have these feelings of hate for her or for anyone and I've been talking to him about it. I am broken and love is hard.
I'm working through all of these feelings and things God has placed before me and know that it will not be easy and I will hurt, but he is with me and he LOVES me enough to call me his child. Praise the Father!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Post

This week was definitely not as bad as I imagined it would be. I have some allergy issues which has given me a sinus infection, I think. My mucus is not a normal color :) sorry for that. But I feel okay, I don't feel sick and I've finished all my assignments for the week and have found time to blog. I will take you through my week, no photos just words.

on my way to work every morning I see a guy walking to work. He's always dressed in nice slacks and a button down carrying a briefcase bag and a travel mug, so I assume he's walking to work from his fancy loft in downtown Waco. This Monday morning I drove by him, a little late for work, and I saw him praying with a homeless man. It touched my heart so and I still have a very vivid mental image of the act, but wish I would have had my camera for that one. It was absolutely beautiful.
at work today the lady who gives us breaks also does gardening outside and the kids help her. She gathers the leaves and puts them in buckets for the kids who then bring the leaves to the trash can. She tells them there is a hippo in the trash can who loves dry leaves. Today the kids wanted to wear gloves like her and one of my three's took the glove off and threw it on the ground. I said Corbin pick that up and throw it away friend and he replied, "but the hippo will eat it." Completely serious and sooo funny! I love three year olds.
We had a guest speaker in my advocacy class who works fro the BGCT and was telling us some facts about human trafficking. The most trafficking in the WORLD occurs in Texas! Mainly in Houston and El Paso. In the world. She told us some wild stories.

this morning I had to work in the two's room to cover for the assistant teacher who would be late. I was in there basically until I clocked out. I saw my three's on the playground and they all ran to me to give hugs and ask why I wasn't with them today. A girl in three's, Maddy, asked me while we were outside how my dog was doing, because Coco got sick on Sunday night, throwing up. It was the sweetest thing that she remembered. Three's are so great!
a thought for the day: I'm tired of people using alcohol as an excuse. It's not an excuse, it's a problem friends.

God has really been working on my heart lately and he's been using Christian radio. I don't listen to any other music besides Christian radio in the car, it speaks to my soul. There are a lot of good songs out right now too a few faves: Leeland "follow you", Mikeschair "let the waters rise", Lincoln Brewster "power of your name", J.J. Heller "your hands", Casting Crowns "until the whole world hears", Mercy Me "all of creation", Phil Whickham "safe", Need to Breathe "something beautiful", Meridith Andrews "can anybody hear me". okay so that was a lot. anyway, God's been working on me hardcore, and I feel like something is about to happen, I know it is, and I can't wait!
thought: there is a quote; stir us Lord when we sail too close to the shore (not exact quote). I heard the new Casting Crowns song and they sing about shipwrecked faith and I immediately thought of this quote. If we sail too close to the shore we feel safer and more content, but God wants us to sail in his deep waters of faith so that we don't become shipwrecked being tossed around by the crashing waves that knock us against the rocks. It's not safe to sail close to the shore, so we say disturb us Lord when we sail too close to the shore.

what a day. I went to dinner with the roommate, Five Guys Burgers. It was good, not as satisfying as I'd hoped, but fun nonetheless.
I'm going camping with Ryan's homegroup tomorrow at Surfside, pray for no rain!

It feels so good to have all my work done.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Screeching Halt

I probably will not be blogging this week, because of all of the assignments I've completely forgotten about. I have a paper due on Wednesday and a test, and a presentation on Friday. I'm pretty sure that's all, however, my planner says I have a French quiz on Thursday and an in class composition for French on Tuesday the syllabus is off so I don't know for sure. I took my car in for a recall fix a couple of weeks ago and now I have to bring it in for another recall for the power steering, the first one could make the car catch fire while driving so I took care of that one pronto, but this one will have to wait until next week. I have to get invitations made, going to CropPaperScissors in Waco tomorrow. I have to interview someone at WIC for my advocacy class on Tuesday and read a ton of Faulkner. I love Faulkner, but I like to read leisurely and I have to pretty much speed read for American Lit. it's tough. I can't think my brain is overwhelmed and my heart is aching. God is good and the drive home today from my mom's birthday party was great (party a blog post all its own at a later date), but I'm a little shaken and full of tears that won't stop streaming. I am in desperate need of prayer and others to praise God with me to emphasize his greatness and glory. I have so much to say, but have to get sleep, because I got zero this weekend and I have killer allergies, a swollen throat that makes it painful to swallow and I have to wake up at 6:00 a.m. as usual. This week will be hard, but I will blog as soon as I can and miss it all the while.

"There's a raging sea right in front of me it wants to pull me down draw me to my knees, so let the waters rise if you want them too, I will follow you."

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dinner Creations

So, a few posts ago I talked about eating chicken nuggets a lot and when I'm married my husband probably won't like it. However, tonight I broiled myself a steak, sauteed some zucchini, and made some mashed potatoes. I think he'd be okay with this dinner.

My aunt is throwing my fiance and I a pantry shower, in which our friends and family will bring items to stock our pantry as well as a recipe to give to me. I've made some recipe cards that have the birds from our china pattern. I'm excited to see how creative people will get.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Weekend is Here

Easter break is officially on! I love the sacrifice of Jesus to save our souls.

I also love having the apartment to myself! Bliss. I can turn up my Twilight soundtracks very loudly and blast some serious indie music while I clean and pack. I'm thinking cup of tea and nice hot bath before bed. This night will be great.

I took some pictures for graduation today with a friend from church = free pretty pictures. I have a couple of faves.
I'm in the process of writing a statement of faith for a private school pre-k job. I've never written one and it's proving to be difficult to put into words a story of my salvation and the glory of God.