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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break Recap

My spring break = total suck. I guess I put too much pressure on the last one, and it chickened out. It's okay though, only 7 weeks until graduation. I will walk you through the highlights in more detail.

Thursday (before spring break)
Kenny Chesney at the Rodeo! good day. drove back to Waco that night, got home around 3, was awake for 22 hours. Intense, but worth it.
Went to class and drove to Oak Island.
Hung out at the house and met up with Amanda and Kelly and Jessica and Matt and their cousin Adrea. We went to Galveston for dinner at "The Spot". It was fun, but the ferry ride either way was at least an hour and a half. Painful waiting, but good talks with Jessica. I really miss them. Oh yea! Before I went to the beach I went to Guitar Center in Beaumont with my dad to buy Ryan a guitar for his wedding gift! It's a Taylor electric acoustic. That's about all I know!
I finally made it to the beach--at sunset.
I tried to sleep in, but my dad watches t.v. pretty loudly in the mornings, so I woke up. That night I went with Rayn, well I kind of forced him, my little brother and his friend to the Rodeo to see the Jonas Brothers! It was a ton of fun! Fo sho! haha
Playing my favorite song at the end!
He enjoyed it "a little bit"!
Austin and Shay at the Jo Bros, Shay looks terrified!
I wake up and my mom calls from work. She says I have to go pick Austin, my younger brother, up from school, because he's been suspended for three days. Say what? He got caught the previous Friday with a video camera and after much fighting he was sent to alternative school for 30 days. I did a ton of research for him and my parents to possibly keep him out of alternative school, but to no avail the public school system fails again! I want to change the entire system for the state of Texas, maybe one day I will be able to.
My mom and I went to the reception site to nail down some details. It was kind of a waste of time, but I finalized the menu and was able to take pictures to know what to decorate and etc. We also talked to someone about linens: $700 I think not. The linens will be provided by the reception site, champagne.
Had lunch with Ryan's sister Tara at Carino's. Met with Phyllis, the soon to be mother-in-law about wedding stuff. She's sooooo difficult and specifically asked if her name would be on the invitation. The nerve! Is she paying? NO. Then I hung out with Amanda for the rest of the day before she left for Virginia. It was nice.
Pretty low key. Hung out with my dad. I got my passport filed for Cozumel! We went to lunch, to get his truck fixed (forever long), and to Conn's to buy a new washer for my mom because hers stopped working. I forgot to watch Grey's, pretty lame, but I caught it online don't fret.
I wore my new swimsuit all day under my clothes in hopes of going to the beach, but instead I filled out applications and wrote cover letters and perfected my resume. I also had to pack all of my stuff to head out on Saturday.
Left my spring break in the dust to go house hunting with Ryan. I'm sure I'll update you at the end of the week on this matter. We went to our spot on campus where he proposed and had some Jamba Juice while we discussed the places we'd looked at. Then I convinced him to come to Waco that night and hang out with me. He left on Sunday and here I am on Tuesday, tired and ready for the weekend!
Whew! That was a lot, sorry! Lots going on, but not fun stuff.

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