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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

Ryan came to see me on Friday! He brought me pink mini tulips, my favorite flower, and a basket with lots of candy and a cute bear, a tradition of sorts. He also gave me a sapphire and diamond ring! It's beautiful and matches perfectly a pair of heart sapphire and diamond earrings he gave me in 2008, that he forgot about btw. He bought it because I was telling him I didn't have a something blue for the wedding, but now I do!!
 We went to my church in Waco this morning and came home ate tacos and watched Zombieland. Horribly gruesome, but I love me some zombies! It was fantastic.

Our tacos and cream soda.

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Emily Dupuis Powell said...

totally jealous of the ring! I've wanted one FOREVER! I told Jonathan he can get me one when we have our first kid...