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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Madness

I was up pretty late reading for American Literature and just about fell asleep at work with the kids. They're lively, but my patience was wearing thin today. My fifteen minute break did not come soon enough!
I get home after class and find my precious Coco asleep on my bed as usual, but with a nice display of artistic expression:
Look at that face, he knew he was in trouble.

The rubble of my eaten book and notepad.
Today is also the day of a good friends birthday, Danita. I saw her for a few minutes. She went out with her boyfriend (?) for dinner. And on my way to dinner with friends from small group it started to snow!! I mean big time snow. I was super excited and was terrified to drive in it. The roads became slush quickly. I drove pretty slow, but it was magical!

Snow at McAlister's, where we had dinner
The boys in the car next to me were throwing snowballs and hit my car. It was funny.
Views from my balcony

The serious slush on the stairs. I had to be very careful due to my inability to walk down stairs.
Today was pretty chaotic and I have a test tomorrow. I'm not quite prepared; I was hoping class would be canceled, but alas not.

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