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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winsome Wednesday

     I meet with a group of girls on Wednesdays for small group. They are truly amazing and full of love and laughter. I enjoy their company and ultimately there friendship that came easily. They love me and are concerned for the happenings in my life and pray for me. I'm so blessed to have found this group, even if I only get two semesters with them!
     I received two dictionaries for Christmas, I asked for them, and found the word winsome. It means charming, in a childlike or naive way. It's not always acceptable to use the term naive, but in the context of my life I don't mind being naive about some things. Thus, today is a winsome Wednesday that I was able to enjoy with good company along with lots of laughs and hugs.
     I am working on designing the save the date for the wedding and will have the final draft this weekend if all works out. I will be sending them out in a week or two. Super stoked.
Ryan voted and the winning cake is:

Without the flowers, peacock feathers instead, and a beautiful cake topper that we have not picked yet. 


Emily Dupuis Powell said...

Rhys is my fav!

Emily Dupuis Powell said...

oh, and the "cheap art" is in the office