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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ugly Rant

I hate living with roommates! One of them is okay the other is a dirty whore I don't trust. Excuse me for saying that. I'm pretty sure her boyfriend beats her and I tried to express sentiments about certain things, cleaning the kitchen and her boyfriend and she took it the wrong way. Now she says she despises me. WTF?! I was not rude to her in my email, in fact I was overly polite for myself. I forwarded the email to our other roommate who saw no problem with it. Now the stupid girl wants phone communication with me. Why would I try to contact her if she is such a jerk? I don't understand people and I have to live with the ho for another semester?!! This will not go well; I can feel it. This is the second roommate in my college career that hates me and the first one hit MY car! I will not let this get to me and I will be disgustingly sweet to her to piss her off. All I really want to do is kick her out.

Photo Of The Day
"Awesome sky on New Year's Eve"


Emily Dupuis Powell said...

sorry :(

Jessica said...

dude thats sad she obviously has self esteem issues. i had to live with three stinky indians for two semesters, besides being very smelly they wouldnt help pay the bills or clean... i know how you feel living with stupid ppl. but you will get through it!!