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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Take Off...

Ryan came to see me this weekend! YAY! We had some fun on Friday night with the good roommate and our friend from work. We played a lot of Little Big Planet and watched some movies. I thoroughly enjoyed having Ryan visit. I love it when he comes to Waco.

      This is the result of my TB skin test. I know gross, but this doctor declared it negative. Works for me!
      It's still about the same size after four days and it itches like crazy. No x-ray for me!

Ryan and I came home from DQ last night (we had coupons) we drove by the dumpster and I saw what looked like chair legs sticking out and I thought they were nice. So, we stopped and it turned out to be a table. It wasn't in terrible condition, but it's dirty. With a little sandpaper and paint it will look better. So, we got it out and brought it to the apartment. We're going to paint it black to match the rest of the apartment furnitiure and replace the glass on top. I think it was a find though.

A great weekend. Now I will retire early to prepare for the day tomorrow. I'm nervous to start this semester, it's weird.


Emily Dupuis Powell said...

fun find!

Anonymous said...

ur tb skin test looks identical to mine, i was a little worried, anyways. i like that table :)