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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm Indescisive As Usual

I have flowers, and flower back-ups, and a photographer, a reception site, still waiting on the church to give us the okay, bridesmaid dresses, ideas for reception and ceremony decorations, I need to dress the guys, and I need a cake!
I like:

The first one without the stupid daisies and bow with sugar anemones with the dark center like the second cake, just skinnier lines, and maybe much smaller anemones almost as small as the daisies. Definitely not as many anemones as daisies. The second cake I have no complaints except for the number of anemones. Less is more. The last cake Ryan likes, which is weird to me, but he doesn't want flowers on the cake, so I think the peacock feathers would look cool on it. We have to buy a somewhat traditional cake topper, by traditional I mean people. I'll find a cool one. The question is which cake looks better with the rest of the ideas.
My Bouquet: Anemones with dark center, peonies or white parrot tulips, and white mums.

The Bridesmaids:

Centerpieces and decorations: Some tables with goldfish, peacock feathers, and floral arrangements of craspedia and white mums. Also, white and yellow paper lanterns will adorn the ceiling and the dance floor.


Emily Dupuis Powell said...

does this mean I can for sure buy the dress?

Emily Dupuis Powell said...

I bought the dress! If the other girls want to know...with tax and shipping it was 211$ which was totally NOT a problem with me. I can't wait to get it in! Oh, and why do you "have" to have people as your cake topper? Have you thought about shoes or hair for the bmaids...or jewelry???!!!

Emily Dupuis Powell said...

DO NOT worry about the dress! I paid for it, I LOVE it, and I'll wear it again for sure!